Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Continuing the Economic Disparities

In an article in the New York Times on Saturday, the topic of privilege and the opportunities it opens up was apparent. This summer many college students I know, including myself, have been unemployed, unable to even find unpaid internships where their skills could be put to use. The hard economic times are not the subject of this post though---the realization that many internships (and jobs) require connections and knowing people is. In the job world that we are now finding ourselves a part of there are many unexpected obstacles. I believe part of this has evolved out of many feeling they can do anything if they really put their minds to it, an American dream element has infiltrated many of our childhoods. This would not be so problematic if agencies like those mentioned in the article did not exist. These companies become the middlemen, obtaining jobs for college students who have the money to pay for their services, leaving out the majority of hard working students who do not have the means nor the connections to secure positions, even for the summer. The fact that some have spent $5-8,000 on getting their internships widens the gap between rich and poor. As these students attain these internships, they begin to secure future jobs, making it harder once again for lower class students, even those who have been lucky enough to get scholarships to top schools, to ensure employments in their future. Do you think that services like these should be allowed to step between students and internships?


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